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These are some of my current favorite sites.  I will always be adding more as this page manifests.

bulletPhotography and Cards by Jeff Jones
bulletJeff Jones is from Seattle, WA and offers an array of beautiful photos from his many expeditions.  This is nature photography at its finest!  He also offers unique one-of-a-kind cards featuring his artistic photos.  Visit his site to place to view the galleries and place orders.
bulletUnique Jewelry and Art by Johnna Oliverio
bulletJohnna Oliverio resides in WV and offers a line of unique jewelry and art.  Her jewelry is hand made, as well as some of her clay and silver beads!  She accepts order on her website.
bulletA fun website for the caring environmentalist.
bulletVisit and see the many fun ways you can help the environment and mankind.  Create your own page, blogs, and add friends to your network.  You can really make a difference at this site.  Email available as well.
bulletSurf photography by Rob Keaton
bulletRob Keaton takes great surf shots from the shores of California.  Visit his website to view these shots and place orders.

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